Mortice Lock Skirt Problem


If your are in a situation where your key won’t go into the keyhole of your Mortice Lock it may be that the “skirt” has slipped round blocking the keyhole and it will look something like this.

To resolve this issue, simply take a phillips screw driver and place in the top round section of the keyhole and rotate the skirt so the the keyhole returns and will look like this one.

UPVC Door or Window Issues

You may encounter various issues with your UPVC doors or windows, usually resulting in locking or opening/closing problems.  Your hinges can be misaligned, the lock can malfunction, the handles may not operate properly and also there can be multipoint locking mechanism and gearbox (the part that is inside your UPVC frame to engage the multipoint mechanism and lock your door or window) issues.

Averkey will resolve any of these issues for you and have resolved them many times to the satisfaction of every customer.

UPVC DoorJust last week, an East Hanningfield customer had a UPVC door handle issue where it would not spring back up when the door was opened. This turned out to be a gearbox problem. This requires the dismantling of the multipoint locking mechanism to take measurements  and pictures to send of to the supplier to obtain the correct replacement, to order and install which resolved the issue.
UPVC-WindowsThis week, a Danbury customer had a UPVC window handle broken off and they could not close or lock the front bedroom window and were concerned about security. Averkey quickly managed to secure the window and sourced the closest match for the handle and supplied to full working order.


Mortice Sash-Locks for Private Landlord

Mortice-SashlockAverkey Locksmiths were asked to install Mortice Sash-Locks in 4 upstairs rooms of a private house in Bocking, Braintree.  Three bedrooms required 2 lever locks and the fourth room (Landlords office) required a 5 lever lock.  Each door also required new handles (because they required key holes).  The job was completed yesterday much to the satisfaction of the Landlord.  The pockets were cut out of each door for the locks and each frame for the keep, with new door handles on each door . The Sash-Locks and Handles were in keeping with this house, where Night Latches would have made it more like a bed sit property.

Boarding Up and Securing

Locksmith’s services go beyond the traditional changing of locks and helping people get back into their properties or vehicles when they have lost their keys or had them stolen. There are a wide range of services on offer and one particular service is boarding up and securing windows and doors when there has been forced entry. The forced entry of doors and windows can leave their frames damaged and with broken glass or splintered wood and broken locks.

Averkey Locksmiths are called out regularly to forced entry incidents and offer an emergency 24 hour boarding up and securing service. The incidents we have attended cover a range of circumstances including Police forced entry, damage caused by burglaries and accidental damage to a door or window leaving it unsecure.

To highlight just a few recent jobs:


A landlord at a pub in Great Baddow locked up his premises without realising that a patron had been locked in the pub toilet. The patron had to break out through the toilet window to escape and Averkey’s emergency services were called up at 3.18am to board up and secure the window.


A church in Shoeburyness was broken into leaving a window damaged and unsecure. We were at the scene quickly after we were contacted at 10.46pm to board up and secure the window.


An Adult Learning College in Chelmsford suffered damage to one of their windows when a stone kicked up off the ground. The window was cracked and locksmith services were required to secure and board up the window. Averkey Locksmiths were contacted at 7.10pm to complete the job.


A shop in South Woodham Ferris suffered a break in on Mother’s Day and had a broken window that needed securing. Averkey’s locksmith services were called out at 1.28am and in no time at all the shop was boarded up and secure.


A pub visitor in Braintree decided to smash a window of the pub he had been drinking in causing damage to the premises. Averkey Locksmiths were contacted at 2.25am and the window had to be secured quickly to prevent anyone gaining entry to the pub through the window and causing further losses.

Averkey Locksmiths are also called out for domestic boarding up and securing of windows and doors after forced entry. Some examples are detailed below.

  • Dismantling a Night Latch, repairing and reassembling to secure door at 8.34am in Bishops Road, Chelmsford
  • Boarding up a back door at 11.16am in Porters Brook Walk, Colchester.
  • Securing a front door with 2 eye hooks and padlock at 1.05pm in Ashcombe, Rochford,.
  • Boarding up a front door at 4.35pm in Grantham Avenue, Great Notley.
  • Securing door with replacement lock at 10.10am for Greenfield Housing, in King Edward Way, Witham.
  • Dismantling Night Latch, repairing and reassembling to secure door at 5.31pm in Grantham Avenue, Great Notley.
  • Boarding up front door at 11pm in Bowers Drive, Ongar.
  • Securing a door with a replacement lock at 1.05pm in Brockenhurst Way, Bicknacre.
  • Boarding up front door and replacing Euro lock at 4.36pm in Southend Road, Southend.
  • Boarding up back patio door at 7.05am in Queensmere, Benfleet.
  • Boarding up a front door at 3.51pm Stour Road,Harwich.
  • Boarding up and securing a door at 11.50pm with eye hooks and padlock in Golden Jubilee Way, Wickford.


It is worth considering this information on Home Security Advice to minimise your risk of a burglary.

Visible security risks like broken windows, rusted or broken locks and chains, cracked glass panes and rotten frames or sills are opportunities burglars will seek out. It is essential to replace or repair such risks in order to deter opportunistic thieves.

Ensure that your door locks are engaged when you leave your property and overnight (ensure mortice lock is utilised and multipoint locks are engaged and locked).

There are new technologies emerging all the time – “Smart Homes”.  There are Apps to control alarms, cameras, locks,  heating, lighting, curtains, cookers and other appliances. It is particularly security relevant for alarms, cameras locks, lighting and curtains controlling access and looking like the property is occupied.

Keep hedges, trees and bushes trimmed so that they do not become a cover for would be burglars. It might be worth considering exterior motion sensor lighting to deter them. Gravel drives make noise too.

Make sure any tools and items like ladders (that could be used to break in) are locked away safely. Don’t leave your key under anything near the door, easy for thieves. Leave a with trusted neighbour or have a key safe installed.

You might consider when your locks were last replaced, because past owners or tenants may still have access to your home and someone might have copied keys without your knowledge.

Maintain your home exterior, locks and grounds at all times and consider other options to secure your property. Please phone If you require any more information or home security advice.


Debt Collecting

Averkey Locksmiths have been working with  debt collecting Enforcement Officers (previously know as Bailiffs) and Court Officials to recover payment or goods to the value of the debt. In such cases, Averkey have been tasked with gaining entry if the occupant does not open the door.

Boarding Up Apertures

Averkey Locksmiths have been awarded a contract to secure property from warrants or unable occupant police enforced entry officer and after burglaries. This requires the quickest way to secure the entry point which commonly requires boarding up apertures or replacing the locks if the frame and door are not too damaged.

These 2 pictures show the before and after shots for a job in Porters Brook Walk, Colchester. Police where required to enter in an emergency and had to force the door open. Averkey chose to secure by boarding up apertures of the door with no further damage to any part of the door or frame.


These 2 pictures show the before and after shots for a job at a tile shop in Maldon. A large rock was thrown through the window. Averkey chose to secure by boarding up apertures of the window with no further damage to any part of window or frame.


These 2 pictures show the before and after shots for a job in Grantham Avenue, Gt Notley. Police had warrant for entry and forced door open. Averkey chose to reconstitute the night latch in order that the door closed securely with no additional equipment.



Weekly Info (Sash Bolts & Keep Plates)

Another locksmithing story for you, unusually 2 new jobs this week. A very pleased customer in Braintree had me install security Sash bolts to her sash bay windows because she was going on holiday next day and some of neighbours had been burgled through their sash bay windows. Another Danbury customer requested my services and turned out to be the keep of a UPVC door (this is the plate that receives the latch and locking bolt that sits on the inside of the lock side of the frame) which had broken. After taking pictures and measuring up, I am ordering the part for the customer and installing later in the week.



Euro Cylinder and Oval Cylinder

Double Euro Cylinder with turn
This Double Euro Cylinder Lock is key operated one side and has a turn the other end
This Euro Cylinder lock can be key operated both sides
Chrome double oval cylinder
This Oval cylinder lock can be key operated both sides
chrome single euro cylinder
This Single Euro Cylinder Lock is key operated one side and cannot be opened from the other side










The Euro Cylinder and the Oval Cylinder can be double sided, single sided and with a turn replacing a lock as well.  The minimum width of one side is 25mm and the maximum is 70mm for the other side (except for single sided and the blank other end is usually 10mm).  If these locks are protruding more 3mm they are susceptible to snapping.


Home Insurance / Required Lock

When Home insurance is taken out the insurer will go through details and during this process the agent will state whether there is a security or crime endorsement relating to the home location .  The higher the populated area are the more likely this becomes, though post code generally determines it.

If such an endorsement applies, a night latch is not sufficient and time will be awarded to install a five lever mortice lock.

If the insurance policy is accepted on this basis and the mortice lock not installed, any theft or malicious act could not be claimed against.

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